Label Software


Reflex Systems Division supports all makes of current label design software, but recommends only two.


Dataguard 111

A Reflex company has perfected the very best label design software package to give you total control over your printed data on both on-line and off-line printers.


With step-by-step processes, your staff can select what needs printing with no access to label templates (to minimise risk) and production can start.


  • Able to print pack labels, tray end cards, film, picker & SSCC labels.


Formatted dates are easily and automatically applied giving you the knowledge that the labels are “error free”. We can arrange a site visit to demonstrate or please feel free to call us or visit.


Bartender (TM) is a globally recognised label design package supplied by Seagull Scientific, world leaders in print driver construction, offering ease of use; full compatibility with most mainframe packages (such as SAP); 24-hour telephone support; full 1D and 2D barcode design capability and suitable for off-line and on-line printers.


With a robust and powerful operating system, which surpasses the needs of today’s businesses. Bartender is suitable for those businesses where 24-hour support may be required.


Coming in three configurations depending upon your needs, Bartender caters up to the very largest of companies.


  • Bartender Professional (suitable for PC based systems where the software is loaded onto 1 PC only)
  • Bartender Automation (suitable for Mainframe systems where the software is loaded onto a server)
  • Bartender Enterprise Automation (suitable for Mainframe systems where the software is loaded onto a server and the customer requires full reporting)


To ensure you purchase exactly the right label design software please call the Reflex team to discuss your requirements.