Tactile Labels

Tactile labels have raised elements that one can feel with the skin. These can be either gritty like sand, or smooth like braille.

Tactile labels are a growing trend as brands seek to raise the impact of their product packaging and increase consumer engagement.

High tactile screen printing is used for braille and decoration. Printing rather than etching or moulding glass can have great advantages, especially to cost, carbon impact and design flexibility.

Low tactile effects include grit, super-matt, high build gloss and others. An especially effective decorative technique is to combine effects, for example gloss and matt, to achieve a dual tactile and visual effect.

Grit varnishes can range from very ‘sandy’ feeling to very fine and subtle.

Reflex produce all these tactile effects and more, in-line and using in-house plate technology for efficiency of production and cost.