Aerosol Labels R.O.S.O.

R.O.S.O. stands for ‘roll on shrink on’ and this format is also called an ‘aerosol labels’. R.O.S.O. is an alternative to direct print which can offer numerous advantages to economy and to product performance.

Some of the advantages of R.O.S.O. from Reflex:

Innovative production – fixed colour palette solutions and constant innovation ensure Reflex operates at best-in-show efficiency.

Speed to market – Reflex customers enjoy the flexibility and competitive edge provided by short lead times and 24/7 operations.

No minimums – short runs and pre-flight testing enable new products to be economically researched.

Decorative – innovative decoration includes de-metalised film as well as holographic effects and both matt and gloss varnishes.

High speed application – R.O.S.O. application lines run at up to 600 units per minute. Automatic reel changeover ensures continuous line-running efficiencies.

Print quality – one of the few businesses in the world with both Kodak NX and Esko HD under one roof.

Colour management – Reflex delivers consistent colour to a Delta E reading of <2.