Reflex Systems division specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of in-line label applicators.

With a fully automatic promo flash labeller complete for under £5,000 (capable of top and side labelling) and available from stock, automating your production lines need not be too expensive.

Our kit is food grade ready i.e. robust and simple and coming with feet or castors it can be moved around your business to suit your needs.


  • Width (label) 20mm < 290mm.
  • Length (label) 15mm < 500mm.
  • Stand < 2m high.
  • Speed < 50m/min.
  • LCD Control.
  • Stainless or Steel stand.
  • Takes label reels < 300mm dia

We also stock a full range of label dispensers, labelling guns and bottle labellers for short-run work which takes you from hand labelling to semi-automatic without breaking the bank.

As most applications have their own needs please contact us to discuss your requirements. We often arrange demonstrations in our demo suite in Lincolnshire and we can bring the kit to your site if required.

As with all Reflex Labelling Systems products, our label applicators come with technical advice, support; and optional service contracts and warranties

Visit our YouTube Channel to see our kit in action: