Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Flexible packaging is convenient and economical, it also provides brilliant durability and product protection. Reflex flexibles use the highest quality materials, tailored to fit specific product requirements.

Our flexible packaging product ranges include reels, printed laminates, lidding films, and pre-made bags & pouches.

We are here to help to advise you on the best format and materials, whilst following sustainability guidelines.

Sliding Linerless label on fruit punnet


Flexible pouches give brands a dynamic shelf-appeal, alongside helping to prolong the life of the product inside.

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 We offer Flexible bags in various formats, from Wicketted to Side Weld bags for use across multiple industries.

Sliding Linerless label on fruit punnet

Printed film

Printed film on the reel is an adaptable flexible packaging solution, it allows you to use any packaging format that can be created during the form, film, and seal process.

Sliding Linerless label on fruit punnet

Lidding Film

High quality printed flexible lidding films, including high barrier for extended shelf life, peel-and-reseal and more from Reflex Labels.

digitally printed flexibles

Digitally Printed

Digitally printing flexible packaging at Reflex is a functional and low Co2 printing solution for multiple flexible packing formats: Pouches & Bags, Lidding film and Film on the reel.

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Frequently asked questions

Are flexible products subject to PPT?

Concerned about Plastic Tax?

We continue to innovate our flexible products to ensure they are environmentally and budget friendly. We can produce flexible products with at least 30% recyclable content, meaning that some of our products are not liable for the Plastic Packaging Tax. If you’re unsure about the tax in relation to your product, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

Read our need to know guide here.

What are your product finishes?

All of our product labels can have a wide variety of finishes. Each type of finish is depending on material and format, options will be dicussed during consultation.

What are your printing options?

We offer both flexographic and digital printing, depending on your project, timescales, cost and preference.

Are you certified?

All of our flexible manufacturing sites based in Shropshire, Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire are BRCGS Certificated.

Whitworths Flexible pouches

Recyclable Flexible Packaging

All our Flexible packaging can be created to follow current OPRL standards using recyclable, mono-polymer laminates. Following retailer and ORPL guidelines we can advise on the best materials and processes to match standards and keep brands up to date with guideline changes that impact recyclable product packaging.

Official members of OPRL