Our Green Story

Our mission is “to become the world’s most sustainable packaging company” and that’s why we’re wiping the slate clean. By 2030 we’ll have captured the entire volume of carbon emitted from the day the company was founded in 2002.

Supporting UK Woodlands

How Do We Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?

For Reflex, offsetting carbon is not just the answer, but reducing carbon emissions in the first instance, as part of our wider sustainable goals.
So here’s how we do it, click the icons to find out:

Reflex Solar Panels

Solar panels installed across some of our sites with this increasing year on year.

Reflex Wind Turbines

Wall-mounted wind turbines installed across some of our sites with this increasing year on year.

LED icon
LED lighting installed across all our sites
green energy

Green Energy, 100%of our energy is from non-carbon, renewable sources

Reflex Hybrid Fleet

A growing fleet of all electric and hybrid cars & charging points at all our sites

Reflex state-of-the-art Machinery
Investment in state-of-the-art machinery yields reduction in material & energy use

We have achieved zero-to-landfill across many of our sites.

Reflex recycling centre
We have a recycling centre at our Boston site, where we collect liner waste ready for recycling
Reflex state-of-the-art Machinery
Once we have reduced our carbon emissions as far as possible, we offset the rest in a tree planting scheme
Reflex Tracking Energy Use

We track real-time energy use across our sites

Reflex Conservation Work
We support wild bees as part of our nature conservation commitment
Reflex Environmental Certifications
We have a variety of environmental certifications across the group

Reflex Woodlands Dashboard

We support UK woodland creation in recognition of our whole operational carbon footprint.
This is what we’ve achieved so far:

trees planted

of new woodland

CO2 captured


When We Say We’re Serious About Sustainability, We Mean It….

Reflex is proud to be officially and independently certified as a carbon neutral business. 

Sustainability News