Linerless Labels

A sustainable solution for tray packed products
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Benefits & Features

A sustainable solution to save time, money & help the environment - send less waste to landfill & lower CO2 generated within the supply chain

Easy to convert to linerless from self-adhesive, wet glue or cardboard sleeves with one ‘complete package’ partner; Reflex

Increased labels per roll - less downtime on lines

Multiple substrates available including paper, board, plastic and clear

High speed application and coding of variable information

High quality reverse printing

Linerless labels provide a striking packaging solution with additional environmental and financial benefits. This type of label is called ‘linerless’ because it eliminates liner backing paper, which increases the number of labels per reel as there’s no liner to take up the space. Linerless labels also reduce the cost per unit for freight and storage offering a cost effective and more sustainable packaging solution.

Linerless Labels Applications

Linerless Labels are mostly used in the FMCG sector including but not limited to:

  • Meat, Fish & Poultry
  • Fresh Produce
  • Desserts
  • Food To Go
  • Ready Meals

Frequently asked questions

How do you produce Linerless Labels?
Reflex produce Linerless Labels from a dedicated facility. Our full-service team can help with everything from flight testing to advice with application machinery. We can even amortise the cost of machinery if needed on a specific contract.
How is Linerless more Sustainable?
Linerless produces little waste and is considered the eco-friendly option for product labelling, this is because the liner itself does not produce additional waste in comparison to traditional packing labels. They also allow for more labels to be created on less material, meaning smaller storage + less freight = less carbon emissions.
What pack formats are available?

We can produce linerless labels to a variety of pack formats including:

  • Sliding Sleeve & Full Wrap label
  • Specialised linerless Skin Pack
  • Top & Base Label
  • Top & side
  • Top & two-side label
  • Punched Labels with product visibility
  • Shaped Labels
  • C-Wrap & D-Wrap Label
  • Linerless Envelope & Salami
  • Fruit Pack labels

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