Luggage & Carcass Tags

Identification tags suitable for luggage and carcasses
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Benefits & Features

Compatible with most label software and print systems

Versatile and incredibly useful for a wide range of purposes

Durable and tear resistant

Overprinting, thermal & direct thermal

Branding options available

Bespoke or Standard styles available

Luggage and carcass tags from Reflex are designed to be overprinted by your own print systems (thermal & direct thermal). These can be supplied plain to pre-printed with information and logos in either standard stock sizes or bespoke depending on your requirements.

Luggage & Carcass Tags Applications

As it says in the name, the most common use of tags is for luggage and carcasses however this product can be used in any application where identification is required.

Frequently asked questions

Are there bespoke options?
Yes! We can work with you to create bespoke tags which can include branding and logos as well as custom field types.
What types of tags do you produce?
We produce self-tie tags made from strong but flexible materials; these tags are resistant to water & other substances maintaining their readability.
How do you print information on the tags?