Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging

Printing flexibles with a lower Co2 footprint
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What are the benefits?

Digitally printing flexible packaging at Reflex is a functional and low Co2 printing solution for multiple flexible packing formats: Pouches & Bags, Lidding film and Film on the reel

When printing digitally there are some key benefits that help you and the environment these include:

  • Low Co2 Footprint, we can print only what is needed with a fast turnaround time and less wastage
  • Recyclable, printing is available in substrates that meet retail and ORPL recyclability standards
  • Functional, gas barriers available for products needing a protected atmosphere
  • Low Runtime, Perfect for short print runs
Recyclable & Sustainable

Flexible products are not currently recyclable in standard waste bin collections, requiring them to be recycled through front of store collections only.

At Reflex we are educated on the current recycling schemes and standards, following OPRL guidelines, but also keeping up to date with the latest retailer and EU guidelines for flexible recyclables.

All of our flexible products can be reprocessed by front of store recycling schemes.