Alive by Night – Prepare to be dazzled by our cutting-edge expertise!


Alive By Night is a vibrant and eye-catching new label series conceptualised and designed to showcase the possibilities and electrifying benefits of blacklight reactive foiled finishes for labels and packaging. Inspired by neo-punk and retro aesthetics, the project has been brought to life by print industry experts, Reflex Label Plus, Graphic Brands, Foilco, and Dreyer Kliche.

The label series aims to captivate and inspire the creative industry to look beyond their current design boundaries and explore more creative ideas and finishes.

The label collection consists of five rebellious designs that aim to appeal to the tastes of today’s young, adventurous consumers and the demands of disruptive brands – those who want to stand out from the crowd and shine brightest, even in the dark.

“Alive By Night” is both visually striking and incredibly durable. The labels are designed to withstand plenty of handling, maintaining their bold and vibrant look for as long as possible, meaning that irrespective of the busy handling demands of a bar, consumers can still enjoy seeing their favourite spirits without worrying about the label fading or peeling over time. The labels for Alive By Night have been produced on our Nilpeter FA22 12 colour flexo-combination press with inline Pantech Rhino stamping unit.”

Shaun Hanson, Keighley Site Manager – Reflex Label Plus.

Prepare to be dazzled by our cutting-edge expertise! With the magic of UV hot foiling and state-of-the-art flexographic printing at our fingertips, at The Reflex Group, we can craft extraordinary UV-reactive special effects and finishes that transform your packaging, branding, and design into sensational works of art.

Elevate your brand with our mastery of UV hot foiling and flexographic printing, where we seamlessly combine a multi-foil process with cutting-edge technology. We don’t just stop at one; we can foil with multiple UV foils, creating captivating UV-reactive special effects that transform packaging and branding into show-stopping works of art. Perfect for on-trade and back-of-bar distinction, join us on a journey to unrivalled prominence and unforgettable presence.

“We are happy to identify new and exciting print finishes to share with our clients, and this UV discovery is a game-changer for the creative industry. 

Graphic Brands are proud to be at the forefront of innovative design for our clients, and our commitment to creativity and quality is evident in every aspect of “Alive By Night,”. All elements have been designed in-house, from the creation of the labels to the carefully selected finishes to the black sprayed gin bottle and its ‘feature capsule’.  

We have already seen considerable interest in ‘Alive By Night’ from brands looking to connect with a more experimental audience. These labels offer a new way to engage with consumers and create a memorable brand experience.”  

Terry Cole, Creative Director – Graphic Brands.

Brands no longer just sell products; they sell experiences, and Alive By Night brings a new dimension to the world of packaging and label design.

We are collectively proud to work alongside other companies focused on the future and those who continue to push exciting creative print applications and techniques.

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