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Lithographic printing service from Reflex Litho Plus
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Lithographic printed brochures

Lithographic printing allows for high-quality print on a wide range of materials. The high-quality finish and fast turnaround of litho printing means it’s perfect for printing promotional and corporate items.

We use Lithographic printing as an option for almost all our label and packaging products, we have sites across the UK with lithographic printing capabilities.

Reflex Litho Plus is a premium litho printing service specifically for lithographic printing on cartons, sleeves, boxes, and many other materials for FMCG industries, marketing materials and beyond.

Need inspiration? Here’s what we can print:

Marketing Materials

Brochures, booklets, flyers, postcards, presentations.

Event Materials

Brochures, handouts, manuals, posters, table plans, media boards, foamex display boards, menus, table numbers, bags inserts, tickets, car park passes, banners, exhibition stands.

Point of Sale

Display dump-bins, shelf wobblers, signage, menus, postcards, small and large format.

Personalised Bags

Cartons & Sleeves

Office Stationery

Business cards, letterheads, folders.

Binders & Folders

Both soft and hard back, including or excluding inserts such as HR Manuals, Employee Guides, Employee Procedures Folders.

Manuals & Training Guides

e.g. HR or events.

Corporate and Warehouse Essentials

Order pads, tear off pads, signing in books, visitor badges, labels, receipt books, signage.

Corporate Gifts & Hospitality

Frequently asked questions

What is Lithographic Printing?

Litho printing is where content that is wanting to be printed is produced and placed on a plate, covered in ink & used for printing, each colour is printed on different layers to achieve the final look. This process allows for use on multiple material types and is very versatile. It requires more setup than digital printing, but produces crisp, high-quality prints.

At reflex we have dedicated plate-making and pre-press facilities that help ensure your litho printed product is the highest of qualities.

What are your finish options?

We offer a wide range of finishes for our lithographic printed products. This includes varnishes, tactile, lamination, foil, and embossing/debossing.

For more information on your options please get in touch!

What is Litho printing best for?

Lithographic printing is best for products that require a high-quality print, where colours are required to be sharp, precise and takes the appearance of the substrate used. E.g., if using a glossy paper, the end print will appear glossy.

Litho printing takes longer to be set up and is not ideal for short print runs, however, still can be used. For shorter and faster print runs with a smaller budget we recommend digital printing.