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Reflex inSITE

Part 2: Flexible Packaging

Welcome back to our inSITE series! Last time we introduced you to our label sites (if you missed it you can check it out here).

This week we’re going to talk about all things flexible packaging!

Printed doypack for protein powder

Printed lidding film for poppadoms

Printed flow wrap for muffins








We have a total of 19 sites situated in the UK, and 4 of these are dedicated to flexible packaging products; from lidding film to flexible pouches, we’re almost guaranteed to have the skills, experience, and machinery to help.

Here’s a brief introduction to our flexibles sites:


  • Part of the Reflex family since 2011
  • Specialist Categories- Meat, Fish, Poultry, and Dried Goods
  • Capabilities- Printed Film up to 8 colours, Film on the Reel, Flow Wrap, Lamination & Technical Lidding Film Capabilities
  • Fun Fact- Reflex Telford was the very first flexibles site to be added to the Reflex Family 10 years ago.

Printed lidding film for sliced chicken


  • Part of the Reflex Family since 2015
  • Specialist Categories- Seafood, Industrial, and Security Bags (Tamper Evident)
  • Capabilities- Conversion of Plain & Printed Wicketted Bags, Side Weld Bags, Pouches & Doy Packs
  • Fun Fact- Reflex Langley Mill is the only site that is conversion only, so no printing takes place here.

Bag & Pouch Finishing Features:

  • Carry Handle Bags
  • Lip & Tape Bags
  • Grip Seal Bags
  • Clip & Close Bags
  • Mailing Bags
  • Euroslot Bags
  • Wicketted Bags
  • Security Seal Bags

Printed meal for two bag with carry handle


  • Part of the Reflex family since 2018
  • Specialist Categories- Food, Industrial, Household, and Short-run Digital Print
  • Capabilities- Printed Film up to 8 colours, Film on the Reel, Flow Wrap, Lamination, and Bag Conversion
  • Fun Fact- Reflex Leicester will be the first of our sites to have both Solar Panels & Wind Turbines installed as part of our wider green mission.

Why choose digital print?

Digital print is a perfect solution for smaller print runs. It offers speed to market, personalisation, and variable print. Not to mention the low CO2 footprint (print on demand).

By having a digital flexible packaging facility, it means we’re well equipped to serve a wide range of customer order volumes.

Printed film for peanuts


  • Part of the Reflex family since 2019
  • Specialist Categories- Fresh Produce – Lidding Film
  • Capabilities- Print and Perforation
  • Fun Fact- Reflex Worcester is able to offer a long repeat lidding film, which is ideally suited to seal punnets for the fruit and fresh produce market.

Printed lidding film for fresh produce


Sustainability is a huge priority for us all right now (read more on our green story here)! As members of OPRL, we’re able to help select the best recycling logo for your product to make sure you’re compliant with the guidelines.

Do you have a flexible packaging requirement you would like to discuss?  Click here to chat with one of our printing and packaging experts who’ll be only too happy to help and guide you through the process.

Next up: Focus on Reflex Litho Plus

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