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Part 1: Labels & Linerless 

Did you know that we have 19 sites situated across the UK, which include 8 label and 4 flexible packaging sites?

One of the biggest factors for customers choosing to work with Reflex is the peace of mind they get from our multi-site capacity – our ‘built-in resilience’ means we’re adaptable, flexible, and reliable, meaning that our teams take the worry away from yours.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to some of those sites within our inSITE blog series, which will deliver an insight (see what we did there?) into the people, expertise, and technology that helps make us one of the biggest and best print and packaging companies in the UK.

This week we’re going to talk all things labels!

As the reigning titleholders of the UK Packaging Awards ‘Label of the Year’, you can pretty much guarantee we’ve got a site with the skills, experience, and technology to help with whatever label challenge or project you have.

Here’s a brief introduction to our label sites:


  • Part of the Reflex family since 2002 (originally situated just up the road in Castleford)
  • Specialist Categories- Convenience, Horticulture & Promo
  • Capabilities- Adhesive Labels up to 10 colours, Promo Labels, Small cores, Digital Printing, and Wineglass Labels
  • Fun Fact- in 2020 we built a digital print department at Ossett to add to our existing digital print facilities at Barwell, Leicester, and Grimsby. In just 7 weeks of operating, they achieved Number 1 in the UK (14th in the World) for print efficiency & quality via the HP Efficiency Portal.

60p promo flash label on lettuce


  • Part of the Reflex Family since 2003
  • Specialist Categories- All things blank!
  • Capabilities- Blanks (plain labels), Case ends, Luggage, and Carcass Tags
  • Fun Fact- Reflex Enderby is our dedicated plain label site… you’d be surprised at the variety of applications plain labels are used for (e.g. overprinting for chemical labels, box end labels, promotional labels, warehouse & distribution, etc.).

Selection of coloured plain label reels stacked


  • Part of the Reflex family since 2005
  • Specialist Categories- Meat, Fish & Poultry, Household & Durable
  • Capabilities- Adhesive Labels up to 10 colours, Cold Foil, Ovenable Labels, and Peel & Read
  • Fun Fact- in 2020 Reflex Mansfield was awarded both a Gold & Silver at the EFIA awards and more recently were a 2nd Diamond Winner at the FTA Europe awards.

C wrap label on pack of burgers


  • Part of the Reflex Family since 2008
  • Specialist Categories- Just about anything that uses a linerless label (or has the potential to)!
  • Capabilities- Linerless Labels & Shrink Sleeves
  • Fun Fact- Newcastle was purposely opened to facilitate our linerless label production and is now one of the largest linerless label producers in the UK. 

Linerless label on seabass skin pack


  • Part of the Reflex family since 2009
  • Specialist Categories- Fresh Produce & Convenience
  • Capabilities- Adhesive Labels up to 10 colours, Cold Foil, Peel & Read, Ovenable Labels, Tray End Cards & Labels, Sequentially Numbered & Barcoded Labels, Metal Detectable Tags, Carcass Tags, Printers, Ribbons, Software, and Label Application Machinery (also home to Reflex Systems division which we’ll do and inSITE on in the coming weeks).
  • Fun Fact- Reflex Boston has 10 wall-mounted wind turbines installed in 2019 as part of our sustainability pledge – if you drive past on the A17, you can’t miss them!

Printed label on tomato punnet


  • Part of the Reflex Family since 2012
  • Specialist Categories- Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty, Automotive & Chemical, and Beers, Wines & Spirits
  • Capabilities- Adhesive Labels Up to 10 Colours, Pharmaceutical, Hot Foil & Digital Print. Reflex Label Plus Barwell also houses our brand-new lined board division, which goes by the name of Pack Plus.
  • Fun Fact- On Christmas Eve 1965, a large piece of an asteroid fell to Earth in Barwell- now known as the Christmas meteorite.

Durable self-adhesive label on car oil bottle


  • Part of the Reflex Family since 2016
  • Specialist Categories- Beers, Wines & Spirits
  • Capabilities- Up to 14 Colours, Cold Foil, Hot Foil, Embossing, and De-bossing
  • Fun Fact- Just across the road from Reflex Keighley is the railway station in which ‘The Railway Children’ was filmed.

Reel of foil labels for champagne


  • Part of the Reflex Family since 2018
  • Specialist Categories- Seafood and Herbs & Spices
  • Capabilities- Adhesive Labels up to 10 Colours, Digital Print, and Reel & Sheeted Labels
  • Fun Fact- Grimsby is famous for the fishing industry as many seafood companies surround the docks there. That’s why we have a Reflex East Coast Distribution Centre situated on site, which helps to service and hold stock for our customers nearby.

Do you have a labeling requirement you would like to discuss?  Click here to chat with one of our printing and packaging experts who’ll be only too happy to help and guide you through the process.

Next up: Focus on Flexible Packaging

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