Global Recycling Day 2021


Playing our part in closing the loop

Reflex is on a mission! A mission to become the world’s most sustainable packaging company.

Sustainability sits at the heart of everything we do, and we proudly achieved carbon negative status in 2019, something we call our ‘BEYOND NET ZERO’ achievement.

Today on Global Recycling Day, we wanted to share more of what we’re doing to help clean up the planet and highlight the recycling initiative we’re supporting to aid a greener future.

Liner recycling facilitation

Based at our Boston site in Lincolnshire, we’ve set up a liner recycling facilitation centre that runs in conjunction with our raw material suppliers.  We offer this brilliant service to our clients and the feedback on this to date has been very positive.

Liners included in this project

  • PET backing paper
  • Glassine backing paper

The liner recycling process works as follows (also see Figure 1):

  1. Reflex provides the customer with a special box to use for the recycling project.
  2. Customer fills the box with non-contaminated backing paper – whatever’s left over from the plain or printed pack labels we’ve produced for their products.
  3. As soon as the box is full, A Reflex vehicle will collect it (when we’re in the area to make sure we’re being nice and efficient) and store it at our Boston facility.
  4. Once we’ve collected enough waste from all of our participating customers, it’s collected in bulk and taken away to be recycled.

Figure 1: Reflex Liner Recycling Facilitation

What happens to the recycled paper?

 The backing paper is transformed into raw material pulp, which in turn goes into recycled content products, avoiding what otherwise would have gone to landfill.

We firmly believe we can all play our part in ensuring waste is properly managed, and that’s why we’re passionate about helping to facilitate important projects such as this.

Providing a choice in recyclable packaging

 A key priority for us is to give choice in packaging substrate selection. We want nothing more than to meet the aspirations of our clients and the general public, with regards to recyclable packaging options.

That’s exactly why we work closely with our raw material suppliers and within our innovations team to ensure recyclable and recycled content products are widely available. This provides our clients with an enviable range of choice, which in turn helps them to meet their own sustainability goals.

Did you hear about our latest recyclable product launch that goes by the name of Reflex Pack Plus? Check out the story here.

As members of OPRL, Reflex are able to align packaging specifications to meet the requirements for recycling, which in turn helps to deliver the circular economy.

Want to know more about our recyclable packaging choices? Speak to one of our experts here.

We can all play our part in a greener future.

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