Igniting a Brand with Perfect Proofs & Vibrant Print: Accolade Wines Dynamite Factory


When Accolade Wines, producers of some of the world’s best loved wine brands, wanted to explode onto the scene with their carbon neutral South African Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc ranges of ‘Dynamite Factory’ created by Flagstone Winemakers, Reflex’s very own Proof Plus and Reflex Label Plus worked together to ensure the labels detonated with maximum impact when it launched.

The starting proofs

Our proofing and prototyping house, Proof Plus, started working with Accolade on this project back in 2022, tasked with creating label prototypes of Dynamite Factory in its early stages to assist in the development of the final look and feel before it went to a full print run.

The proofing process helped to ensure that the proposed substrate, varnishes, shape, and colours worked together the way the design team had envisaged before going into production.

The Proof Plus team worked closely with the Accolade team, making adjustments to the project when elements of the design were tweaked.

For our talented team, this label was a joy to bring to life. The clever use of multiple varnishes along with the vibrant, layered design allowed for them to show their talent in making just a small batch of 10 labels, lovingly crafted. Looking the same way they would if they had come off the press, matched to print standards with all specifications and data ready to be transferred over to our print site!

The final print

After receiving the label prototypes and signing off on the design, Accolade were ready to go with the full print run, produced by the team at Reflex Label Plus Keighley. The label consisted of six colours, along with a matt and tactile varnish. The use of tactile varnish on the product name and stamp in the design cleverly acts as a magnifying glass illusion, giving a 3D effect once applied around the bottle, and creating contrast against the matt varnish on the remainder of the label. The ‘ripped effect’ around the label was achieved with an intricate cutter, giving it a unique shape that’s not often seen on the market, making them look one-of-a-kind.

Adding to the uniqueness of the project was the chosen substrate, Cotton Touch (by Avery Dennison). This particular material has fragments of actual cotton in the paper, which naturally makes it very absorbent. For printing this causes some challenges to consider (but nothing our Label Plus geniuses in Keighley can’t handle!), including colour consistency. Thankfully, the earlier prototypes created in Proof Plus were used to colour match at Keighley’s ink lab for the full print run. This helped to save a staggering 5 hours of time on press!

Reflex Label Plus Keighley and Proof Plus have worked collaboratively over the years to make sure that colours, tactile varnishes and embossing finishes on the one-off proofs, are matched exactly to what they would be on full print runs. This ensures a seamless ‘what you see is what you get’ approach… and very happy customers! This project is proof of that (if you pardon the pun).

The perfect partnership 

Choosing to create label prototypes before committing to print saved the team at Accolade both time and money, making adjustments before or during the printing stage can cause delays and costly re-prints. By working with Proof Plus, they avoided any issues that could have arisen in the final print. All colours were matched, the substrate and varnishes tested, and the team were able to get a feel for the labels and brand before full scale production.

Proof Plus and Reflex Label Plus worked together with the Accolade developmental team to ensure that each element of the label was achievable on press and perfectly captured the vision of the original concept. The finished labels have exploded onto the market and convey the messaging and history behind the brand in the best way possible, and we’re proud to be a part of that journey.


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