Why does Proof+ prototyping make ALL the difference?


Established at the start of 2019, Proof+, was created in direct response to the growing demand for a proofing and prototyping service.

We realised there was no-one else providing a packaging and label prototype service, where colours were managed precisely, and embellishments were being matched to the same standard that could be produced on a conventional printing press.

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Originally created in 2019, Proof+ is a prototyping service that breathes energy into creativity; it provides brands, retailers and beverage bottlers with the ability to bring packaging designs to life before investing in a full print run.

What can a prototype be used for?

  • Marketing purposes
  • Product photography prior to launch
  • Pitching products to new customers
  • Matching colour on press
  • Testing colour & embellishment variations
  • Removing the requirement for pre-launch trials

Proof+ is designed to offer a solution for these challenges. It delivers press ready proofs that match exact print standards. This includes the addition of luxury finishes and embellishments such as varnish, foil, embossing and debossing. This allows you to judge the success of the digital designs and whether they translate into a physical product: does it have the ‘on-shelf’ impact you envisaged? Do the colours represent your brand? And ultimately, will your customers buy it?

What packaging formats can be achieved?

  • Labels
  • Flexible packaging
  • Carton board
  • Rigid boxes
  • Sleeves

If you have a brand new cardboard product in mind and you need a concept creating from scratch, we also offer CAD design. Part of Proof+, our CAD department can make literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING out of cardboard.

With a physical sample you are able to experience the packaging and product through the eyes of your consumer whilst also assessing its efficacy from the perspective of your brand. This small investment will ultimately save you hugely in both time and money.

Let’s think about the environmental benefit too, no more trial reels needed when you can simply print the small number required for testing, via Proof+.

Whilst harnessing decades of our team members print knowledge and expertise, using ‘Colour Guardian’- our unique colour management technology, and in collaboration with market leading raw material suppliers, Proof+ is able to deliver press ready proofs that match exact print standards. We already have customers that will not go to press with a new job, unless they have an approved Proof+ sample to match to.

Part of the unique end-to-end service offered by our creative design agency Graphic Brands, click here for more information or to get a quote from one of our helpful team.

Proof+ | Turning ideas into reality

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