Father’s Day Spotlight: A Family of Talent at Reflex Newcastle


This Father’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on the incredible Wronkowski family, who bring their unique bond to our Reflex Labels Newcastle site. With a father and his three talented sons working together, they not only contribute to our Linerless facility but also embody the power of family connections. Join us as we celebrate the Wronkowski family and their remarkable bond and journey at Reflex.

Henry, the patriarch of the family, introduced his sons to the world of print and recommended them to join the Reflex family. Their shared passion for the industry created a strong foundation for their professional collaboration. The brothers contribute to our UK Linerless facility in both Print and Coater Operator roles.

Pictured Patryk, Mateus & Marcin

Let’s start with Patryk, the first son to join Reflex over eight years ago! Initially hired as a Print Assistant, Patryk seized the opportunity to train as a Printer. It was his father who recommended him to join the Reflex family, as he was already a part of our team. When asked about his experience working with family, Patryk shared, “It’s a great opportunity to see each other more often and catch up, especially during shift changeovers. As a family, we can support one another, share advice, and have a good laugh.”

Next up is Mateus, who joined his father and brother two years ago, once again recommended by his father Henry. Mateus agrees that “Working together is a wonderful chance to spend more time with each other, even with different shift patterns we often catch up on shift changeovers. We enjoy chatting and sharing laughter.”

Completing the family affair, Marcin joined Reflex eighteen months ago to become a Coater Operator. When asked about his experience working with his family, Marcin expressed, “Before joining Reflex, I rarely had the chance to see my family due to demanding work commitments. Working together at Reflex has changed that. We can now support and spend quality time with each other, and we truly cherish that opportunity.”

Our Reflex Labels Newcastle site specialises in Linerless Labels, where this family collaborates and brings their expertise to create outstanding results.

It’s worth mentioning that unfortunately, the man who brought them all together, Henry is currently unable to work due to illness. We want to extend our love and support to him and his family during this challenging time, and thank him for bringing his family onboard to Reflex!

Pictured Henry Wronkowski, who introduced his Sons to become part of the Reflex Family. 

At Reflex, we not only value the skills and dedication of our employees but also cherish the connections that are formed within our workplace. The story of the Wronkowski brothers and their father illustrates the support and joy that can be found when working alongside family members.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, let us recognise and appreciate the bond that the Wronkowski family shares from working together. Their presence at Reflex Labels Newcastle is a testament to the power of family and the positive impact it can have on both personal and professional lives.

From all of us at Reflex, we send our best wishes to Henry, and we stand together with the Wronkowski family, supporting them every step of the way.

Happy Father’s Day!

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