The Reflex Group Bursary Scheme: Making a Local Impact Together!


The Reflex Group is thrilled to announce the launch of its new bursary scheme! Drumroll, please!

At The Reflex Group, we’re not just about labels and packaging; we’re all about giving back to the environment and local communities. And that’s why each of our Reflex sites in the UK has been allocated £1,000 to donate to a local cause, chosen by our employees. This initiative is a part of our commitment to giving back to the communities that we operate in.

We believe that corporate social responsibility isn’t just a buzzword; it’s an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our neighbours, friends, and community members. Our employees are passionate about making a positive change in their local communities and are excited to have the opportunity to support causes that are close to their hearts. From supporting local youth centres, and sensory gardens, to investing in community projects, we recognise the importance of giving back and doing our part in making a difference.

Here’s how it works: Each employee in each Reflex site across the UK had the opportunity to nominate a local cause of their choice to receive the donation. With each site having £1,000 to give to either one sole cause, or split to support multiple depending on the required funding needed!

What makes the Reflex Labels Bursary Scheme exciting is its decentralised approach. With our multiple sites spread across the UK, we ensure that every community benefits from this program. We understand that local needs vary, and by empowering our employees to select causes that resonate with their specific areas, we can create a more significant impact where it matters most.

Together, we can create a stronger bond between our company, our employees, and the communities we proudly serve.

We’re on a mission to make a local impact, one donation at a time. Stay tuned as we bring you inspiring stories of how our employees are transforming lives and creating lasting change in their communities.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of giving back, because together, we can make our world a brighter, better place!

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